Finding Bats

A while ago I was able to search for bats in the Val Müstair. I took part of the InternationalWildlifResearchWeek (IWRW) of Swiss Youth In Sience. We were about 24 young people from different european countries.

On the first day we arrived at the house.  The second day contained more sportive activity, for our tutors showed us the environment were we would spend the rest of the week. They also made some suggestions what we could do research on. As the word bat was spoken I immediately knew what I would do research on, if I could find at least one other interested person. Gladly I did! A girl from Germany and a girl from Switzerland were happy to join me with the bats.       ^0^ (<-bat)      Now we had to find out what we wanted to find out. (confusing! 😉 ) Luckily our tutor worked with bats. With a little help we decided to find out how the amount of bats increases at different altitudes. If you are interested in our work please click here. You will find the reports on all the projects (but only one bat-report 🙂 )

The following three days we spent sleeping until noon. Then we ate breakfast and made our lunch ready. In the evening we went out side to search for the bats. Since we were the first group ever to do research on bats it was a new experience for every one. It was a very good experience! The world is truly different when it`s night!

Once we had to walk through a cow meadow with mother cows. We found out that a bull was on that meadow! Luckily the cows were very calm and didn`t do anything to us. In fact the only scary thing that happened was the black bull standing up as we walked past him. He neatly scared us to death because we didn`t see him… That night we weren`t shure if a thunderstorm would come or not. We actually saw lighting behind a mountain really near to us. We knew that the weather can change really quickly in the mountains so we called our tutor. She assured us, that every thing was safe. It was safe. The thunderstorm did not come. ^0^  We spent the last two days on our report and the presentation.

The last night I stayed awake with a girl from Estonia and a boy from the Czech Republic. We had a lovely time talking. I admire those people. I have never met anyone like them before.

I still think about that week. The friends I have made there. I can only recommend do go there, if you have got the possibility to. And I can recommend to check out your environment at night. You`ll discover things new.




This thursday my geography and my biology teacher took my class to the Gasternvalley for two days. I love mountains and found it an exciting experience to have a closer look at them and their vegetation.

Thursday: As we arrived at our not heated lodging, we stored the things, which we didn`t need during the day, in our two rooms. Afterwards we went hiking further into the valley. We saw some snow patches wich we even had to pass over.


To arrive the meadow where we wanted to eat, we had to cross the river `Kander` on a bridge.


After about 4 hours walk we finally arrived the place where we ate. As we happily munched our sandwiches we suddenly heard a strange squeaking noise. Our biology teacher told us that marmots were around. Sadly I didn`t get to see any.

Back at the lodging we were all glad to go in the heated house next-door. There could eat and spend our spare time in the evening. Later we had to go back to our cold bedrooms to  sleep. Even though it was raining and we were a few hundred meters beneath the snow boundary I wasn`t cold while sleeping.


Friday: As we woke up the sky was blue. A great way to start the day! After eating breakfast and packing our back-packs we went hiking to the train station. On the way we had a look at a really rare orchid called “Frauenschuh” in german , which means “woman’s shoe” in english. The flower is poisonous and is under environmental protection.

Cypripedium calceolus L.

We also got to have a glimpse of some chamois. Sadly the were so far away, that I wasn`t able to take a photo of them. At the place, where we saw the chamois there was also a river flowing down the mountain.



Further down in the valley we met the river again where a little stream joined it. The little stream had really clear water.


Well on the photo my hand is in the water, even though you may not see it…

Later on we went into a cow range to get to a restaurant where we could go on the toilet and have a snack.


After a while hiking we finally arrived the train station. Tired we drove home by train. Gladly the good weather stayed with us, so I went for a walk with my mom the moment I got home. I really liked the excursion in the alps. I could recognize a lot of plants wich grow where I live, but look a bit different because of the different vegetation areas.

Heiwäg – finding my way home

Heiwäg – finding my way home

This month I went on a journey for 4 days. It was a very special journey. My group and I were brought away 8o kilometers from our hometown and we had to find our way back home with some maps. At first we didn`t know where we were, but gladly we found out quickly.

We spent the first night at a farm. We didm`t sleep in the stables as you just may have thought. We slept in a building where the farmer kept his machines, but the ground was made of gravel. It was very cold. Gladly we were aloud to cook and eat in a special warm building.

The next day was the most painful day for me since my backpack broke and we mostly walked on the asphalt streets, wich are really painful for the feet even with good shoes… I spent the night at home because of my broken backpack (I bought a new one the same day) and my illness which unfortunately increased my endurance. The group was really lucky and got to sleep in a hostel.

At midday of the third day I joined the group again. Sadly our group leader was injured, so he couldn`t walk with us anymore. So we broke the rules and he drove us up the hill. That last night we got to sleep in a warm living room of a farmer. They offered us milk and butter to add to our breakfast, which we brought with us.

The fourth and last day was my favorite day. We went to a butcher to buy some good meat. then we walked to a hut in the forest, where we made a fire and grilled the meat. As a dessert we had chocolate fondue! It was really delicious!! Before we left the hut to go home, we burt our maps (picture), since they were old maps and we had no use for them anymore.



The camp was a wonderful experience. I am totally looking forward to attend the camp next year. I can only recommend to spend more time in nature without a cellphone. You don`t even have to be 8o km far away from home. Just go into the nearby woods, sit by the stream which flows next to your house or lie in the meadow with the pretty flowers.